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  • Bachelor of Laws, LL.B.,The University of Hong Kong 

  • Master of Arts in English Studies (Distinction),The University of Hong Kong

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, P.C.LL.,The University of Hong Kong

  • Distinction in both HKCEE English Language and HKALE Use of English

  • Attained the Language Proficiency Requirement (LPR): Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers (LPAT)

  • Over 15 years of experience in teaching English

Benny Lau


  • Top Grade English Grammar and Exercises for Secondary 1

  • Top Grade English Grammar and Exercises for Secondary 2

  • Top Grade English Grammar and Exercises for Secondary 3

  • Top Grade English Reading Comprehension Exercises for Secondary 1 

  • Top Grade English Reading Comprehension Exercises for Secondary 2 

  • Top Grade English Reading Comprehension Exercises for Secondary 3 

  • HKDSE Master Series - Writing to Perfection 1

  • HKDSE Master Series - Writing to Perfection 2

  • HKDSE Master Series - Idioms

  • HKDSE Master Series - Phrasal Verbs

  • HKDSE Master Series - Collocations

  • HKDSE Master Series - Sentence Structures

  • HKDSE Premier Series - English Reading Comprehension Mock Papers

  • Top Grade HKDSE English Language Paper 1 (Reading)

Philosophy of Teaching

Philosophy of Teaching

  • Attend to individual needs of students

  • Nurture well-rounded and competent English learners

  • Focus on English teaching and learning in the Hong Kong context and culture

  • Enhance students’ confidence and critical and logical thinking ability

  • Increase students’ linguistic and inter-cultural competence in English

  • Make use of social happenings to develop English proficiency

From Students' Hearts 學生心聲
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Teddy, Maryknoll Convent School.jpeg

Teddy, Maryknoll Convent School

DSE English 5⭐⭐

I find Benny's lessons extremely intriguing and inspiring. Different from a lot of mainstream tutors, Benny offers a whole different way of learning English.


I believe Benny's classes are rewarding for a lifetime, as they offer not only the essence of the English language, but also the proper attitude to learn and to improve.

Annette, St. Mary's Canossian

Annette, St. Mary's Canossian College
DSE English 5⭐⭐

Benny encourages students to strive for the best by building a robust foundation and applying what he teaches flexibly.


With ample examples and clear explanations from him, I showed genuine improvement, which benefits me beyond secondary school education.

Jamie, La Salle College.jpg

Jamie, La Salle College
DSE English 5⭐⭐

Benny is an exceptional English teacher whom I owe my success to. From the fundamentals to the advanced, he always delivers in a powerful, yet not flowery way.

Not only do I under his guidance improve significantly in exams, but also in proficiency of the language, which undoubtedly helps in higher education and future career.

Jason, Diocesan Boys' School.jpeg

Jason, Diocesan Boys' School
DSE English 5⭐⭐

Benny has an exemplary teaching philosophy with a high commitment towards his students. His sunny disposition facilitates learning in classrooms by providing a range of authentic and skillful techniques. Then he steps back to encourage students to discover English and to take ownership of their learning.

Sabrina, Pui Ching Middle School.jpeg

Sabrina, Pui Ching Middle School
DSE English 5⭐⭐


It has been six years since and there was not once I left his classroom with empty hands. Benny is a doctor of English; he knows exactly what your problems are, and is always ready to take you miles further.


His passion and proficiency guarantee fulfilling learning experiences, and his notes are simply life-long treasures to me. 
Benny is a teacher I adore, admire and highly respect. He keeps the key to the magical world of English. If you want to learn real English, learn from him. He never disappoints.

Stephanie, Maryknoll Convent School.jpg

Stephanie, Maryknoll Convent School
DSE English 5⭐⭐

Benny is my life-long idol for sure. He is the reason why I plucked up my confidence in English. Instead of teaching complicated yet useless vocabulary, he taught me practical elements of English, which are still paramountly useful in my writing now. Unlike other tutorial teachers out there, Benny has high expectations on my input and motivates me to do my best.

From Students' Hearts 學生心聲

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